If you prefer a male or female therapist, state your request when you book your treatment. Don't be shy. If you're a female and you prefer a female therapist say so. That goes for men too. Some men prefer females, others prefer males. To most spa-goers it doesn't matter, but it's entirely up to the individual.



Take the time to arrive early (10 to 15 minutes prior at the very least). Certain treatments, massages for instance, require that you fill out a medical questionnaire. You'll also need time to change and time for a quick tour.

 If you are too shy to get a massage because you don't want to get undressed, no worries! Simply undress to your comfort level. What's most important is that you feel relaxed. The massage therapist can work around the body based on your preferences.


 If the pressure of your massage is too light or too heavy during a massage, say something. Your massage therapist wants to hear from you.  If you give your therapist your preference, he or she typically gauges pressure according to your muscle tension.


 Take it easy and don't do anything too strenuous right after spending time at the spa. Otherwise you may find yourself becoming lightheaded.


  Even if you are not a typical spa enthusiast, come in ready to receive. Treatments such as facials and massages are therapeutic. Luckily, if you are ready to receive, they are relaxing too